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“I have had a sleep disorder for a while going on 6 years now. Having to wear a mask was beginning to bother me with me having a lot of redness around my nose and upper lip. Wearing my mask to loose to reduce the redness would let it whistle all night and to tight and it would cause indentions and redness on my face. Then there was getting up to go to the bathroom at night which I would be total awake by the time I unmasked and then masked back up. There was no moving around in bed because you would run out of hose. When I went and visited Doctor Bennett was friendly and took his time explaining to me what he was going to do and how he was going to achieve his goal. The first time I went in the staff was polite and friendly. The second time I visited they were calling me by name which was a very pleasant surprise. I have had my mouth piece about to 2 months now and can not say enough about it. At first it took a little time getting use to it but now you just put it in, take it out, and move freely in bed. I should have done this sooner.”

- Richard Thompson (Tulsa – 12/17/14)


“After a sleep test, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP. It was impossible for me to wear the CPAP as it made me feel like I was being suffocated, unable to breathe with the mask on. After researching other alternatives, I discovered the improvements Dr. Bennett had accomplished with his treatment of patients with sleep apnea in Tulsa, OK. I not only sleep better, I actually don’t fight going to sleeep any longer. Even after a year of wearing my SomoDent, Dr. Bennett has made time for me to have him adjust or just check my guard to make sure it is working correctly, I recommend if you have had any problems with wearing a CPAP or sleeping, to make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed as Dr. Bennett and his staff will make your visits most comfortable for you. 

- Doretta Karns (Tulsa – 2/28/13)



“Dr. Bennett and his office staff are great! I’ve had my mouth appliance for sleep apnea for several years and it has changed my life. The CPAP I was using was uncomfortable, noisy, and hard to travel with. I rarely slept through the night and with the appliance, there is no disconnecting and reconnecting a machine. I can just get up if I need to and then lie back down without messing with any equipment. I’ve been extremely happy with both Dr. Bennett himself and his entire staff. I would highly recommend them to everyone.” 

- Kathy McClanahan (Tulsa – 11/5/12)



“I came to see Dr. Bennett 10 years ago, after I was involved in a motorcycle accident. At that time I decided against treatment and now 10 years later I found myself in even more pain all the time, it had become chronic. At the urging of my dentist, I returned to Dr. Bennett and it was like flipping a light switch for me. Overnight my situation changed and I got a great nights rest, felt refreshed and my pain has diminished to the point of not even being noticeable. I would recommend Dr. Bennett to anyone that is having TMJ problems like me. My quality of life has gone up dramatically!” 

- Barry Brown (10/16/12)

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In September of 2000, I suffered a head injury. I slipped on a wet marble floor with my right jaw taking the full impact of the fall, and then my head subsequently bounced on the floor 3 times. I began immediately suffering with trauma-induced migraines and over the course of the next 7 years, I was treated by 4 neurologists, a chiropractor, and a acupuncturist. I was given every drug known to treat migraines, none of which worked. I was also treated with narcotics, which would work for a time until my body built up a tolerance to the medication, then the dosage would have to be increased. I progressed from oxycodone to Fentanyl patches. All to no avail.

In November of 2007, I suffered a migraine-induced stroke and subsequent seizure. Things were spiraling downward quickly. I had come to the point of contemplating suicide. Then in April of 2008, I decided to search “trauma induced migraine” online one more time, just to see if there was anything new that had not been tried. I came upon a site that linked TMJ with migraine headaches and a light bulb went off! I had fallen on my jaw…could this be the miracle I had been praying for? I followed the links to site after site citing TMJ as a cause for migraine headaches. I began to say, “What if”?

I found the web site of Dr. Terry Bennett in Tulsa, OK. On April 8, 2008, he diagnosed me with TMJ disorder and for the first time in 7 years, I began to have hope. He told me I should expect to see at least a 50% improvement within the next 2 weeks. Man, was I excited! But here is the best part. He fitted me with the TMJ splints on Tuesday, and Friday morning I woke up without even a tinge of a headache. It is 12 days later, and I am still headache free and I have taken no pain pills since April 10th. The best part is that this was accomplished without medication. For the first time in 7 years my head is not in a fog from all the medication. There is now life in my eyes and I am now back to my old self! A simple piece of plastic gave me my life back.

If you are like me and have suffered a trauma to the head leading to migraine headaches, I urge you to have your jaw checked for TMJ. It just might save your life like it did mine.

- Jan M. Tulsa, OK

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